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#RestartLocal: Put the Power of Your Radio Station Behind Your Local Advertisers

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Businesses across the country are finally beginning to open back up—and while it’s not going to be a return to “business as usual” anytime soon, we are finding our way back! To help local advertising partners navigate this “new normal.”

Point-To-Point Marketing has created its #RestartLocal initiative. Restart Local helps broadcasters gain an advantage by putting the power of radio stations and their on-air personalities behind local advertisers through direct mail and social media marketing.

What is #RestartLocal?

The core of the Restart Local campaign is a 20-page 5.5" x 8.5" catalog with spots for 17 local advertisers that arrives in the homes of the station’s target demographic and most important Nielsen ZIP codes. The front and back cover are branded to the station, and the inside cover includes a personalized letter from on-air talent implying endorsement of advertisers. There is also an option to execute three-week social media campaigns for up to four clients.

Right now, we all want to help our community get back on its feet, and one of the best ways we can do that is by supporting our local businesses. The faster we help these businesses get back on their feet, the faster they can hire the cooks, servers, sales people, specialists, etc., that they need to run efficiently. By highlighting some of these businesses in PTP’s #RestartLocal initiative, stations can make a big contribution to their community.

The catalog has the potential of becoming an essential “guide to local businesses” for communities—advertisers can provide reopening information, new operating hours, rules for visiting/shopping, sanitation procedures, menu specials, coupons, discounts to customers, etc. Even national advertisers want to be perceived as making an impact on local communities, adding to a wide-range of possible ad buy-ins.

PTP Vice President/Strategy & Audience Insights Susan Bacich explains, “With so many listeners working from home, the mailbox is a great place to put your message. We work with each client to determine the right investment level that they can recoup while also talking about the station’s messaging and tone.”

Additionally, stations will receive a PDF of the final catalog to include on their website. This provides the opportunity to sell both the physical and online catalog, or just an online package (for less!). During this pandemic, “…we have seen user engagement soar in client’s campaigns. Click-through rates have increased 60-90%,” PTP Vice President/Digital Tim Satterfield says. “People having more time to spend on social media combined with enhanced relatability to the messages in the creative have set those clients apart from their competitors as they connect with their audiences.”

#RestartLocal’s Benefits

Explaining the initiative, PTP President Tim Bronsil said, “Radio has once again shown the strong connection to its listeners and community…radio can [help] restart local business using the power of its brand and personalities. The business can be in tens of thousands of homes for a relatively small investment. We have made the price point small enough for those businesses that the entire project has the potential to be a solid revenue generator for participating stations.”

#RestartLocal is a program that can be scaled for every budget—from the small, local business that would love to be on-air but might not have the robust advertising budget, to the big guy with an annual deal. Stations should be able to create a package for virtually any prospect.

#RestartLocal at a Glance

  • 20-page 5.5" x 8.5" catalog

  • Arrives in homes of your target demographic and most important ZIP codes

  • Front and back cover branded to the station

  • Personalized letter from on-air talent on inside cover implies endorsement of advertisers

  • Spots for 17 advertisers

  • PDF of catalog included

  • Option to execute 3-week social media campaigns for four clients

  • Less expensive than other “upsell” packages—a great way to get incremental dollars and/or break new business

To request a sample copy of the guide please complete the form below, contact Tim Bronsil at 513-231-0344, or email

Tim Bronsil is the President of Point-To-Point Marketing


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