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Audience Development Marketing



Audience Development Marketing 
Marketing process

The primary goal of Audience Development Marketing from Point-To-Point is to grow recognition on behalf of compatible audiences for reasons to listen/watch.


The core objective is to reinforce a brand's position in its category, use appointment tactics to bring in additional usage, and set barriers against current and future rivals. 


The result is more robust audience growth and long-term retention.

How the most effective marketing campaign you’ve ever run works:

✓ We target and contact the right people. Highly targeted advertising on social channels creates a digital experience that grows affinity.


✓ We engage with ongoing presence and innovative tools. Ongoing presence enriches your digital assets resulting in greater impact. Tools like SocialBounce Accelerators increase efficiency and impact.

✓ We grow advocates and set barriers to rivals. We increase recognition for the reasons your audience should tune-in more often and date your competition’s audience.

  • Unrivaled in messaging and targeting techniques

  • Thousands of situations and environmental conditions to make smart people smarter

  • Our clients consider us a partner for seamless Audience Development Marketing

our reputation
Methods, practices, and actions to reach the right people with the right message.
Susan Bacich, VP | Strategy and Audience Insights

Susan Bacich

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EVP | Strategy and Audience Insights


Tim Bronsil, CEO

Tim Bronsil

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Tim Satterfield, VP | Digital

Tim Satterfield

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EVP | Digital


Increase share of revenue
with ongoing success against rivals.
NBC Universal
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Good Karma Brands
ESPN Audio
Newcap Radio
Corus Entertainment
Cumulus Media
Hubbard Radio
Beasley Media
Renda Broadcasting
Warner Brothers TV
Higher statistical highs and lows,
with long-term ratings improvement.
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Highest Quality.
Best Strategies.
Most Experience.​
Unequaled Performance ​

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