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CRS 2024: Setting the Agenda for Country Radio

Updated: Feb 22

Country Radio Seminar 2024 - Broadway

A Country Radio Seminar 2024 Preview

Each year the Country Radio Broadcasters organization (CRB) hosts the 3-day Country Radio Seminar (CRS) offering Point-To-Point Marketing the opportunity to join together with Country radio and music industry professionals to delve into the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities while enjoying performances from the format’s biggest stars and seeing up-and-coming artists for the first time. Here are some highlights I think will take center stage at this year’s seminar:

All About AI

Country Radio Seminar 2024 - AI tech

For the second year in a row discussion about emerging AI tech, its impact on jobs and productivity, and how to use it to improve Country radio will be front and center across multiple panel sessions. The AI Interactive Town Hall kicking off day two of CRS will be a must-attend panel with industry experts Mike McVay (McVay Media Consulting), Buzz Knight (Buzz Knight Media), Fred Jacobs (Jacobs Media Strategies), and Zena Burns (Moxie Coalition). Some of the best forward thinkers in the business will help us understand & navigate the future with AI. 

The Power of Personalities

Country Radio Seminar 2024 - Personalities

While broadcast radio, and in some cases satellite and DSP's, recognize music is the core of connecting with listeners, research continues to point to the competitive advantage and relevance of “live and local” content. Several panels will focus on how to be a better personality, but the Thursday session hosted by the CRS Research Committee will connect what listeners want and why providing it is critical to make Country radio a better, more entertaining experience.  

Diversity and Inclusivity 

Country radio is not the male dominated business it was in the 1970's, but there is still work to be done to improve the diversity and inclusion of both broadcasters and artists in the format. While the anticipated cocktail conversations about the merits of playing a Country song from Beyoncé—or the listener’s willingness to hear and like it—will happen during CRS, the real work will be done through sessions like ‘Diversi"tea": Spilling the Data on Inclusive Programming’, the Women's Networking Breakfast, and the ‘Y'All Means All: Diversity Breakfast.’  

Mental Health & Wellness 

Country Radio Seminar 2024 - Wellness

With the everyday stress and demands of constantly striving to perform at the highest level in a results-based entertainment medium, compounded by the contraction of the available positions due to economic pressures and improving operational efficiencies, the CRB and CRS continue to focus on how that impacts industry professionals mental health and how to help them. From a dedicated panel session to event participation by the Music Health Alliance, Onsite, and the Broadcasters Foundation of America, the health and mental wellness resources and initiatives offered at the event are much needed support for our fellow broadcasters.

Honors and Accolades 

Country Radio Seminar 2024 - Awards

No other format does as much to recognize both those who made the format what it is today, and those who will continue the growth tomorrow. The CRS Honors session inducts new members into the Country Radio Hall of Fame, the 2024 Tom Rivers Humanitarian Awards are presented, scholarships are given to young broadcasters, and CRB/Country Aircheck awards are revealed during the New Faces Cocktail Reception on the final night. These awards are all wonderful reminders of individuals who made and make the format great.

Of course, these are just a Preview of a few highlights of an amazing event filled with dozens of educational panels, networking breakfasts, daily label luncheon performances, and artist showcases. Over 1,000 of the best and brightest in the Country music format will join together once again to make Country Radio Seminar a highlight of the year for the broadcast industry. See you in Nashville!

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