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Qualified Prospects For Sales

Free-up the capacity and skill of account executives to increase profitability through more dynamic selling techniques. Use our effortless, ongoing, and extensive lead generation for your cluster of stations. 

How it works:

Focus is on business categories most compatible with your cluster. Generated leads are categorized by priority customized by significance to your group.

✓ Thousands of calls are placed into the market by trained B2B appointment setting/lead generation specialists.

✓ An immediate email to the prospect follows appointments and leads, confirming the conversation, as well as an email to station management providing all the necessary details.

✓ Using real-time data, all ongoing lead generation is easily monitored. Your web dashboard provides all gathered intelligence at a glance.


The campaign is constant at a pace you decide. Because data includes various levels of prospects, and classifications, this delivers a benefit to formulate strategies, reflect, and make adjustments to the campaign in real time.

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