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Who Is the Jason Barrett for Music Formats?

Updated: Mar 24

Jason Barrett at Barrett Sports Summit

I just returned from New York City where Tim Satterfield, Point-To-Point’s EVP/Digital, and I enjoyed one of the most impactful summits that our industry holds. The Barrett Sports Media Summit is full of useful information that can be implemented at the station level impacting sales, programming, events, and distribution. More about that in a second.

But first, let’s start with “Who is Jason Barrett?” If you’re in a music format this name may not be familiar to you.

Jason interviews WEPN-FM 98.7 ESPN New York and New York Yankees television play-by-play broadcaster Michael Kay and WWE Network host Peter Rosenberg

As the founder of Barrett Sports Media, Jason has established himself as a respected voice and authority on sports radio and media content. We value his insightful analysis, industry knowledge, and innovative strategies that help shape the landscape of sports media. He is also known for his work in talent coaching and development, helping to nurture and elevate the careers of numerous sports media professionals. His roots are in local radio with successes in markets of all sizes and several groups.

The reach of Jason’s influence was on display just based on the media professionals he featured on stage last week: Stephen A. Smith, John Skipper, Paul Heyman, Caroline Beasley, Annie Agar, Bonnie Bernstein, and so many more. Programming executives and talent from ESPN, Fox Sports, and Sirius XM shared their insights on how to keep relevant topics forefront and how talent plays a crucial role in connecting with the audience across platforms.

Stephen A. Smith, John Skipper, Paul Heyman, Caroline Beasley, Annie Agar, Tim Bronsil

Beasley Media's Mary Menna, Audacy's Chris Oliverio, Good Karma Brands Vinny DiMarco

Over the period of two days, Jason and his amazing support team provided an opportunity to learn about new ways to monetize content across different platforms. These aren’t theories; he brought in experts who broke down exactly how to make it happen.

Oh…and Jason also does this for the News Media business. The Barrett News Media Summit, in its second year, is happening in Washington, D.C., on September 4th and 5th.

So, back to the original question. Who is the Jason Barrett for Music Formats?

Let’s first recognize the Country Radio Seminar. CRS does an amazing job every year bringing together leaders, stars, and actionable content. It continues to be the go-to for those in the Country format.

We are speaking more broadly about the need for all music formats to have an event that brings together programming, sales, research, and distribution discussions.

We miss the days of the R&R Convention and more recently Joel Denver’s All Access Summit.

Current music formats have so many subjects to discuss from DSPs to Social to Podcasting to Events. Today’s talent now has so many options for connecting with their listeners/viewers/followers. There have never been so many ways to weave clients into content and provide activation.

We’ve got a LOT to talk about.

As audio enjoys a dramatic upswing, connecting the dots of the ways our industry can bridge listener, talent, brand, and customer is essential.

Over the course of the next few months, we are going to engage with the industry (and outside the industry) thought leaders about what this gathering could look like. Have an idea on how to make it a can’t miss event? Drop me a line. I welcome your feedback…good, bad, or indifferent.

Thanks, Jason, for the inspiration!

Barrett Sports Summit ESPN after party

Contact info: Tim Bronsil:, 513.702.5072


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