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A "Thread" About X

Well, the bird has flown the coop and now Twitter turns into X. There has been so much disruption to the social media space over the past year, it’s not a surprise that all the wrong moves since Elon Musk’s takeover would have to result in a rebranding.

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Point-To-Point’s interest in the changing social landscape is purely to help our clients use these networks to attract an audience. Recently, we have executed over 912,000,000 impressions putting our clients’ broadcast and podcast content in front of the right people on social and digital networks.

Where are their dollars well-spent to reach the right people with frequency? We have seen the ebbs and flows as social networks go in and out of favor with the public. But, the data under the hood of each social tells the true story about if our clients’ messages are resonating.

And, under the hood, the Twitter campaigns have posed an array of challenges, including:

  • Ads being rejected by A.I. and not being able to get a human review of the content has caused us to pull significant budgets off the platform and instead utilize Stories, Snap, and even TikTok (TikTok does not allow targeting by zip code, so it is not as effective in Nielsen results).

  • The fear of having a client ad land in the comments of some seedy Twitter post as they pulled back on oversight of violent or illegal posts.

  • Other networks lapping Twitter for engagement with videos.

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So where does that leave us?

Our spoken word clients liked the paid social with Twitter to reach those sports or news junkies who can impact their audience levels. Will Meta’s Threads fill that void?

So far, Threads is not accepting paid advertisers. We do wonder if they will roll out ad space to the biggest advertisers like Snap did a few years ago. Get the users comfortable with seeing paid ads and then layer in smaller buyers.

For Threads to be successful in the ad space, we have a couple observations:

  • Human review of rejected ads when the client contests is vital. A.I. can do a lot, but discerning between a gambling advertisement and a station giving away Taylor Swift tickets to caller #10 is important. While staffs are being cut at these social networks, this is a place where the investment would pay dividends for all involved.

  • Community Standards keeps content off the channel which incites violence, promotes pornography, or glorifies crime. So far, Threads seems to be doing well with that.

Our goal at Point-To-Point Marketing is to put your great content in front of the most likely users on an ongoing basis. Doing that in a space that has a lot of eyeballs in addition to the right oversight and guardrails will always be our goal.

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If you ever want to have a conversation about what social networks make sense for your brand, reach out. A conversation costs nothing and we’re happy to share our best practices.

Contact info: Tim Bronsil:, 513.702.5072


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