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  • Writer's pictureRick Torcasso

Radio's Daily Cume Rebounds

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Daily cume levels for radio across the country are beginning to return to normal. There are some interesting viewpoints on what happens when people get back into a routine. Some neuroscience studies point to a change in everyday habits after an event like what we are experiencing. Radio clients should hopefully recognize that attitudes and reasons for listening may not be as ingrained as they were before the COVID-19 adjustments to new normals in society.

The basics become even more important than before:

  • Point-To-Point axioms about Relative Advantage, Compatibility, Communicability, Simplicity, and Divisibility become critical.

  • Marketing becomes even more impacting because the ability to instill the values inherent in those five properties generates comfort to get back to normalcy.

  • Those clients that grab the opportunity will be rewarded with amplified results because the openness to a message of normality and sociability is very high.

  • Those clients that show appreciativeness and sincerity using the five above properties to reinforce their values have an opening to turn once secondary or tertiary listeners into prime assets.

In PPM markets Nielsen says radio’s reach is now at 95% of what it was in March when the virus changed the lives of Americans. Contact Tim Bronsil at 513.702.5072, or email to discuss how Point-To-Point can help you succeed as radio rebounds.


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