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PTP Perspective

Radio Influencers Are Social Media Influencers

SocialBounce leverages a radio station’s personalities to maximize the impact of Social Media influencer campaigns.

Pushing past the basic messaging of social media and into the world of “influencers,” SocialBounce focuses a station’s strongest public asset – the on-air talent, into the role of Social Media Influencer.

Trust Matters

“While other advertisers are looking for the right social media influencers, radio stations are ahead of the game,” - Point to Point’s Tim Satterfield

“While other advertisers are looking for the right social media influencers, radio stations are ahead of the game,” said Point to Point’s Tim Satterfield, adding, “The personalities are already there…and the authenticity is already there…these personalities are the ambassadors for the stations.”

In digital media where authenticity and trust are currency, radio talent can shine. Satterfield stressed, “Personalities don’t have fake or bought followers, they have listeners that tune into them because they like them already.” This trust is paying off as influencers have seen a spike in their, well…influence.

Kim Who?

In fact, social media influencers have jumped past celebrity endorsements in a recent CivicScience survey showing 22% of consumers purchased a product endorsed by an influencer vs. 12% crediting a celebrity endorsement.[1]

Combining a trusted voice with the reach of social media, stations can deliver a message directly into the hands of the desired audience with impressive results. “We have authentic influencers that are trusted by a majority of the targeted audience, which is why we see higher conversion rates and higher click through rates,” Satterfield said.

Have You Missed The March Of Social Media?

Social media use grew a staggering 13% in 2018.

While year-over-year growth in the numbers of internet and mobile phone users have slowed (7% for internet users and 4% for mobile phone users), social media continues to rise at a staggering 13% in 2018. [2]

SocialBounce can help a station’s social media manager in directing influencers in brand building, networking and consistency (yes, social media can benefit from benchmarking posts).




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