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5 Things To Watch @ The Radio Show

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

The Radio Show, produced by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB),kicks off next week in Dallas, Texas. Point-To-Point Marketing is excited about the newly reimagined format and the great content that the steering committee has assembled. Susan Bacich, Tim Satterfield, and I attend every year. Before we arrive and start the dozens of meetings, we discuss what we expect to learn from the show. This year is no different.

Here are the Top 5 “What we’re watching” themes:

#1 - Pulse of the industry

How do Execs and Managers feel about 2019 and their expectations for 2020? Does National continue to be strong heading into Q4? How does local agency business look? How do they feel they are positioned in this ever increasing crowded audio space?

Some of our best solutions for our clients come from the answers to those 10,000 foot view questions. It was seven years ago at The Radio Show in Dallas that out of those conversations came our SocialBounce program. The need was ongoing brand exposure to produce higher statistical highs and lows and long term ratings improvement. The result from these campaigns was an increased share of revenue for our clients with ongoing success compared to rivals.

What’s the next need we can address?

#2 - Election preparedness

What are our client’s plans to garner dollars from both the primaries and the general election? What ballot initiatives will be hot buttons in their markets and how are they developing relationships with key decision makers now? What is their plan to help those advertisers who may find it hard to buy enough points on a crowded local TV market?

If there are economic headwinds around the corner, how can the onslaught of 2020 political

#3 - What’s that sound?

On Wednesday, September 25th at 2pm, Scott Klass will host a session titled, “Why You Need a Sonic Brand Now and How to Get One.” As radio’s customers develop their audio signature to build long term branding and loyalty, radio brands and personalities could take a cue from those efforts and develop their own.

#4 - Podcasting growth

Last week, Inside Radio wrote an interesting article about projected revenue growth. “Magna Global projects podcasting will capture an 8% share of the audio market within the next five years—or twice its current take—as more brand advertisers embrace on-demand audio.”

Radio has unique advantages in this space, not the least of which is their megaphone to create awareness about a podcast. A big part of our time in Dallas is dedicated to audience development marketing for podcasts. It’s on the mind of the industry. We don’t have to look much farther than the new Marconi category for 2019, “Best Radio Station Podcast.”

#5 - Who takes home the hardware?

Speaking of the Marconis, we are watching to see who is recognized as the best in the biz. We are always excited to see so many of our clients and friends who are nominated. This year, the list is expansive. We are especially excited about the new category, “Legendary Manager Of The Year.” What an honor for the five finalists to receive that recognition. This is a category that is clearly a case of, “Happy to be nominated.”

What are you watching and listening for? Want to discuss it in Dallas?

Point-To-Point Marketing is booking appointments for our suite. Confidential and frank conversations often can’t happen on the convention floor. Join us for a cup of coffee and a conversation. To schedule, email me: Tim@PTPMarketing.comor text me when you are there: 513-702-5072.

Tim Bronsil is the President of Point-To-Point Marketing


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