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Weaving Sports Betting Clients Into Your Station’s Marketing


A study by research and brokerage firm Gabelli Securities and the U.S. Census Bureau estimates that legalized sports gambling in the U.S. will generate $2.1 billion in revenues this year and projects growth to $10.1 billion by 2028. Ad buys and sponsorships with broadcasters continue to be one of the most efficient ways sports betting companies like DraftKings, BetMGM, FanDuel, and others can build brand awareness, promote platform use, and generate growth.

How can that relationship turn into a WIN-WIN-WIN for the station’s brand appeal, the betting sponsor, and the station’s bottom line? How can talent weave into that messaging in a paid social space but protect the station from violating the social network ad guidelines?

Point-To-Point Marketing's SocialBounce program is one of the most effective ways broadcasters can leverage those sponsorship dollars to build ratings for radio stations, brand awareness for the client, and incremental revenue for the local cluster.

Recent test campaigns funded by Point-To-Point Marketing included these tactics:

  • Multiple social network placements.

  • App download and audience engagement objectives.

  • Targeting of users with sports betting and fantasy sports affinity.

  • Use of language descriptive of wagering and sports betting.

  • Inclusion of sports betting brand logos.

  • Sports betting brand tagging

Results from test campaigns provided insight and positive guidance for future campaigns to promote sports betting radio stations.

  • Ads on many of the networks were approved, but not all. Some networks were surprising.

  • Use of sports betting language, logos, and tagging did not result in rejections in most situations.

  • Ads hyper-targeting users who interacted with sports betting or fantasy brands performed well.

  • Ad costs varied based on ad objectives but were in line with other campaigns we run.

  • Radio stations can enhance and benefit from relationships with DraftKings, BetMGM, FanDuel, and others by leveraging the power of paid social media to reach a wider audience, build brand awareness, boost engagement with listeners, and generate revenue.

Larry Blumhagen, VP/Market Manager for Cumulus San Francisco, had this to say about working with Point-To-Point Marketing: Point-To-Point has been an exceptional partner - start to finish - with our 810AM The Spread promotional campaign. From the initial conversations to learn about our goals and objectives, to mapping out a social forward campaign with clear implementation deadlines, they’ve delivered tenfold. The results have exceeded our expectations of targeted impressions, unique users, and video plays. Point-To-Point outlined and hit KPIs by social platform with great communication each week of the campaign. Their team clearly understood our objectives and were wonderful to work with throughout the process!

Ready to jump into this opportunity? Let’s have a conversation before you leap. Our extensive testing with millions of paid impressions can prevent you from going “all in” and not being effective for the station, the talent, or the client.

Contact info: Tim Bronsil:, 513.702.5072


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