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Point-To-Point Marketing Attends CES 2023

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

The 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas was a crucial event for the tech industry, with over 3,000 exhibitors and over 140,000 attendees in person for the biggest show post-pandemic. Point-To-Point Marketing President Tim Bronsil and Vice President of Digital Tim Satterfield were fortunate to not only attend the show, but also the Jacobs Media tour with other executives from broadcast media companies guided by the Consumer Technology Association through exhibits and vendors showcasing tech that might soon impact audio development & consumption.

Why go to CES?

  • Companies use CES to unveil new products and technologies to a global audience.

  • Its an excellent networking opportunity for companies to meet with potential investors, partners, and customers.

  • The event is a platform for companies to showcase their latest technologies and ideas and to demonstrate how they are pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

  • CES is an opportunity for companies to gain insight into trends and consumer preferences, helping them make better-informed business decisions.

  • Offers a chance for companies to get feedback on their products and services directly from consumers, which can be used to improve their offerings.

What did we learn at CES?

  • Ever evolving & more immersive experiences are available on almost any and all devices, not just cars.

  • Artificial intelligence integrations continue to decrease user friction and improve efficiencies.

  • Growing personalization of content being offered was evident everywhere.

  • Audio companies will need to court the limited attention of consumers more aggressively.

  • User connections & messaging is expanding beyond current brand extensions like web, social, and podcasts.

For example, Amazons efforts to create a comprehensive daily end-to-end user experience, further enhanced by potential broader adoption of the Matter protocol, provided an enhanced vision of how we might live in a smarter world...but also displayed opportunities for audio companies to be part of that experience.

Point-To-Point’s Tim Bronsil commented, Predicting the future in our industry can be hard when we’re all focused on the tree in front of us. And wow, there are a lot of trees. CES provides a wonderful opportunity to look beyond and know what’s possible. It gives you the chance to build for the future in the forest other companies are creating where we have an excellent opportunity to thrive.

CES is an essential event for the tech industry as it allows companies to showcase their innovations, form partnerships, and gain insight into the latest trends and consumer preferences. It also offered a unique opportunity for broadcasters in attendance to see how technology continues to evolve, what may be needed to stay ahead of the curve, and how to find the radio in the latest Mercedes-Benz!

Contact info: Tim Bronsil:, 513.702.5072


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