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The economic impact of COVID-19 is dramatic for local advertising partners. Restart Local puts the power of your radio station behind your local advertisers. Through mail and social, your support of these brands will benefit them as the economy restarts in your market.


✓ Allows your brand to show it cares about local advertisers.
✓ Advertisers can provide coupons, discounts to customers, etc. 

✓ Simple selling process.
✓ Funded by station’s clients.



✓ Point-To-Point will donate to the main local food bank in the Metro.



✓ 20-page 5.5 x 8.5 catalog arrives in the homes of your target demographic and in your most important ZIP codes.

✓ Front and back cover page branded for your station.

✓ Letter from talent on inside cover implies endorsement of advertisers.

✓ Spots for 17 advertisers.

✓ Option to execute three-week social campaigns for four clients.

To learn more call or text

Tim Bronsil at 513-702-5072,

or email:

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Flip though this sample guide
Flip though this sample guide
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